Application Forms

To apply for a grant from the Mountsorrel Education Fund, please download the appropriate form from the links below.


If the form does not automatically open on your PC, you may need to download and install adobe reader free of charge from

When you have printed the form, please
* sign the declaration
* obtain the appropriate countersignatory (if applicable)
* attach any relevant documentation such as receipts or trip details
* send the form to the Clerk to the Trustees with a stamped-addressed envelope

Choose Your Form

For those in Higher Education whether living at home or studying away:
Only one application per academic year will be granted
University application form

For A level students and those in Further Education at an equivalent level:
Only one application per academic year will be granted
A Level equiv application form

Educational Trips:
Please note that any Grants agreed will only be issued on receipt of proof that the full cost has been paid
Educational Trips Application Form

Music Tuition: one instrument per Applicant
Music Tuition Application Form

Applications for any other educational purpose that doesn’t fit anywhere else:
Please note that Grants are not given for Computers, Uniform or Travel. 
General Grants Application Form