Mountsorrel Education Fund

The Mountsorrel Education Fund is administered by a body of Trustees who at their absolute discretion, can award grants from the funds available to the charity, to assist young people in pursuing their education. Grants may be made to such individuals for the provision of facilities of any kind, not normally provided by the Local Authority.

Application Criteria

Applicants or their parents/ guardians must have been resident in the electoral parish of Mountsorrel for at least 12 calendar months.
Applicants must be under the age of 25 at the start of their course.

Grants Available

A wide range of possible grants are available and the trustees would encourage young people to apply for financial support towards any aspect of their education. Last year, the trustees awarded over £105,000 of grants. As well as making a contribution to those in further and higher education the trustees will consider applications for financial assistance towards the cost of
* Music Tuition – one instrument per Applicant
* Educational courses, books and specialist clothing – Please note grants are not given for computers, uniform or travel. 
* Educational visits – Please note any Grants agreed will only be paid on receipt of proof that the trip has been paid for in full.

* Training schemes and apprenticeships

Application Forms

Application forms are available to download from this website or by application to the Clerk.

Application Deadline – The absolute deadline for fully completed Applications for the May 2022 meeting is 5pm Friday 29th April 2022.

The next Trustee meeting will be in November 2021 and the absolute deadline for all applications for that meeting has passed.

Please ensure that completed applications are received by the Clerk to the Trustees of the Mountsorrel Education Fund by this date.


The Clerk to the trustees is the first point of contact for all inquiries relating to the Mountsorrel Education Fund and can be contacted via the Contact Us page on this website or by writing to:

Clerk to the Trustees
Mountsorrel Education Fund
4 Rothley Road
LE12 7JU

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